Moving Beyond Open Source.

Open source platforms provide a free or low-cost option for getting a community started.

When you're ready to take it to the next level, there's AnswerHub.

Go Beyond Basic with AnswerHub

Product Ideation

Capture knowledge, foster ideas, identify experts, and boost productivity.

Developer Self-Service Portals

Cut support costs and improve satisfaction by giving developers a place to ask questions and find the answers they are looking for — 24/7.

Own Your Data

Privately manage the knowledge, ideas, and articles your community creates.

See The Enterprise Solution, AnswerHub

AnswerHub Is The Clear Choice


Ideal for Growing Teams and the Enterprise

AnswerHub scales from 30 users to millions to fit the needs of your growing community.

Open Source

For Small Sites and Projects

Open source generally offers basic Q&A for small projects where free is more important than advanced functionality.



API-first approach, free SDK, full documentation, and integration with various dev workflow tools lets you create a fully branded experience.

Open Source

Limited Customization

Open source options generally include limited flexibility or require deep technical skill to customize.


Advanced Community Management

Advanced moderation, role-based user permissions, content spaces, and advanced analytics help you manage and grow community.

Open Source

Limited Community Management

Open source offers limited moderation and member management; generally limited to approving and deleting content via an admin console.


Full Support

Phone, email, and online community-based support is included.

Open Source

No Professional Support

Support is limited to community based.