Thinking Ahead: Why Growing a Developer Community Matters

Software developers are writing history with every line of code they produce. The digital revolution has transformed every business into a software business. We rely on developer collaboration to create the technology we depend on every day. So where does this collaboration take place?

Join us as our Chief Technologist Jesse Davis discusses the ins and outs of a developer community and how it affects departments across the organization. Learn how successful companies like Pixar, Epic, and SAP connect developers and build cultures that attract, retain, and grow their community. During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to define and measure ROI of a developer community
  • Developer trends that software businesses should expect in 2020
  • How a developer community can help inform the product roadmap
  • How to increase customer satisfaction with a self-service support community
  • How to effectively attract and engage developers in your organization

Jesse Davis


Jesse Davis
Chief Technologist

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